Type of Visa


Updates and Notices

Tourist visa will be available from 15. November 2021

  • - All individual foreign nationals intending to travel to India for tourism purpose would be permitted to enter India from 15 November 2021.
  • - The visa will be single entry Tourist for 30 days.
  • - You should arrive to India within 120 days from the issuance of visa.
  • - First Half a million Tourist visas will be granted on 'Gratis' basis, except for service charges.
  • - Existing Valid e-Tourist Visa/Regular Tourist Visa continue to remain suspended.


We will be open every working day from 15. November.

We cannot accept applications before 15. November.

If you need e-visa, you can apply using this link already now. We will then send your application as soon as the visa is released (15. November).